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The launch of the Fair Market Economy Institute took place on 11 December 2019 at Chelsea Town Hall, on the eve of the UK general election.

The Founder

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Mark Dixon was brought up on the battleground between socialism and capitalism of the 1970s, sometimes even experiencing hours under candlelight at school during the blackouts of the miners’ strikes. This was when Thatcher stood against the unions and Britain was split behind clearly defined battle lines.

He was raised with the notion that this schism in society and economics was a permanent part of the landscape that could never be healed. It seemed like a person had no option but to make a choice, or in later years a compromise, between the two poles. This was so widely accepted that the catch-22 became more truism than puzzle.

He never imagined that later in life he might de-bunk the truism and solve the conundrum with his theory of the Fair Market Economy.


Mark Dixon runs an M&A consulting firm which operates in different sectors under two brands, and ThinkingLinking.


Articles by our founder

He has also recently published three creative books: ‘I am Sima Hui’ (a story of the quest for a perfect name in Mandarin), ‘Twisted Lines’ (a collection of poems) and ‘The Shy Selfie’ (photographs of his own shadow in protest of the selfie phenomenon). He releases such books under the disclosed pseudonym ‘Mr. Twist’.

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